Sunday 24 Sep 2017
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2. Resident Empowerment


What can New Mill offer?

New Mill Consultants offer a bespoke range of training programme for both staff and residents, designed around your organisation and the people you are working with. The programme could include any or all of the following:

  1. Making sure you have grass root resident empowerment
  2. Developing a resident empowerment ethos throughout your organisation.
  3. Developing a working relationship between your officers and residents.
  4. Developing a framework of resident empowerment that works for you.
  5. Developing residents skills and confidence in working with your organisation

Why New Mill?

New Mill is uniquely led by a resident from east London who has represented residents’ at a local and national level and dedicated most of her life to improve living conditions in historically deprived or neglected areas. Our staff have gained the necessary knowledge and experience of training residents from working with an award winning housing and community organisation.

We have experience of resident empowerment at board level as well as developing an established grass roots framework that has proven to be successful. We believe that this can benefit you if you want resident empowerment to be the success your residents deserve.