Sunday 24 Sep 2017
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List of New Mill Consultants' Clients from 2007 to 2013


1. Providence Row RSL – Provided Outreach & Advice to Residents having to Decant from their Homes

2. Home Group – Series of Regional Conferences to Select & Advise Residents to Begin Regional Consultative Forums

3. Manor House Development Trust – Awareness Raising & Community Development Project on Woodberry Down Estate

4. Hyde Housing – Provision of Outreach Field Workers to Raise Awareness of Stock Transfer Ballot

5. ARHAG – Providing & Training Field Workers for Tenancy & Community Audit

6. Nene Housing – Mentoring Residents in Governance

7. Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes – Development of TRA & Resident Empowerment in Parish Setting

8. Newman Francis – Provision of Field Workers & Guidance for Stock Transfer Ballot

9. SOLON Housing – Resident Mentoring & Tour of Poplar HARCA

10. Poplar HARCA – Consultancy Support to Resident Involvement in Development

11. Tower Hamlets Community Housing - Resident Training Programme

12. Newman Francis– Training & Provision of Fieldworkers for Primary Care Trust Outreach for New Health Centre

13. Gallions Housing Association – Speaker at Resident’s Conference

14, Richmond Housing Partnership – Residents Training on Diversity & Speaking at Residents Conference

15, Lewisham College – Institute of Housing Students Tour of Poplar HARCA

16. Crawley Homes – Training Programme for Residents Forum for LB Crawley and Follow Up Visits

17. Paradigm HA – Speaking at Resident Conference/Critical Friend Role to Residents orum

18. Circle Anglia – Devised Skills Matrix to Identify Chair & Vice-Chair of Resident Governance Group, Subsequent Interviews & Report to Board

19. The One Group, Island Homes – Commission as Mediator and Resident/Landlord Advisor on Resident Governance and Participation

20. Gateway Housing Association – Laying the Foundations for Co-Regulation, Development of Residents Scrutiny Group

21. East Homes – Development Scrutiny Panel, Including Chairing the Group for the First Year

22. Near Neighbours – Specialist Advisors to London Field Workers Involved in Faith Communities & Regeneration